Digital Dental Labs

Digital Dentistry- Dentist/Technician

With the constant updates in technology and continued education that  dental technicians go through, we can offer the best and most accurate prosthesis possible to the dental patient. 

Some steps of the work that used to be processed by hand can now be done digitally such as: appliance design, 3D printing and milling. 

Even with all the advancements in technology, the dental technician will never be replaced, as every oral cavity and patient is unique. We will always need the advanced knowledge, skills and artistic touch of a dental technologist to program, operate and control any equipment or software. Dental technicians ensure proper anatomy, function and esthetics for each individual case and patient. 

Below are some visual examples of the changes that have occurred as we have been transitioning from analog work to digital work in the dental laboratory industry in recent years.

Digital Workflow


Dental office intra-oral scanners

Laboratory scanners

3D Printing



Partial & Complete Dentures

Crown and Bridge