Becoming an RDT in New Brunswick

Membership Categories

Applying to become a registered member

As of February 1st 2021, all individuals wishing to work in the province of New Brunswick as a Registered Dental Technician and who wish to register with the NBDTA must have completed the credentialing and competency assessment process, which is administered by the Canadian Alliance of Dental Technology Regulators. 

Once the individual has successfully passed the CADTR credentialing process, they may contact the NBDTA by email to begin the application process. The individual will present their results and apply for membership with the association. An application fee of $250.00 is required before the application can be processed. Upon granting of membership, the individual will be added to the Association Registry and will be granted the benefits that come along with that. 

For More information regarding the CADTR credentialing and competency assessment process including policy information, resources and applicant portal, please visit their website at:

Is this process available to me? 

Licensure is available to anyone who falls into one of the below categories: 


New Brunswick Dental Technicians Association list of Fees


Membership Application fee                                                   $250.00

Annual Registration fee Regular Registered Member (RDT)                   $375.00

Annual Registration Fee non-registered member $200.00

**Please Note** Individuals who are already members of the NBDTA are required to renew membership annually